Use of Proceeds

Eventual use of proceeds may differ from the intended one, in case one or another area of development requires a larger or smaller allocation of proceeds.
Technology and R&D

Game Protocol intends to allocate 25% of proceeds towards R&D for the Game Protocol & API . Development may include innovation in storage, interoperability between blockchains, scalability, data assurance, data analytics, applications, developer tools, marketplace, exchange platform, digital cooperatives, and the creation of our reputation system.

It will may also be used for technology development of Smart Contracts, DIAPP, Token Platform, connected platform and Security


25% of the funds raised will be used for the operational cost of advertising, marketing and for reaching out to the potential clients all across the globe. The focus will be to establish key partnerships with many different video game studios,and publishers as well as video game users/fans.

Legal & Administration

Game Protocol intends to allocate 10% of proceeds towards legal costs. This budget may include employment costs, contracts, financing the acquisition of key technologies and intellectual property and other corporate legal expenses.This budget may also include additional employment costs, equipment, software, appropriate licensing for operations and other costs that may arise in the future.

Legal & Administration

In order to provide easy exchange between different in-game currencies/sub tokens, as described in the whitepaper, Game Protocol will be required to create and maintain a large liquidity pool.

For this liquidity pool, we will allocate 40% of all proceeds.

For further information regarding the liquidity pool and its functions, please refer to the Bancor Protocol’s Whitepaper, as our liquidity pool will be modeled off their fully functional liquidity pool.

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