Top 5 Games to Play This Winter

Winter is upon us, and there is nothing nicer to do in chilly weather than cuddle up with a warm blanket, grab a cup of tea, and play some video games. Luckily, we were blessed with some amazing releases this winter season. Here are some of my top picks for the best games for winter 2018 in no particular order:




An immersive exploration and survival game, SUBNAUTICA allows players to explore vast underwater locations. Players are encouraged to scavenge materials and build underwater bases and submarines after their spaceship has crashed on a mysterious water-covered world. The game offers amazing visuals of its watery planet and an amazing ambient & techno based soundtrack that makes it a truly unforgettable experience.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Possibly one of the most ambitious RPG’s to come out in recent years, Kingdom Come: Deliverance plans on recreating Central Europe in the renaissance. It plans on placing a very heavy emphasis on historical accuracy. Everything in the game from architecture styles, to clothing and weaponry are accurately recreated to fit its era and location. It is also noteworthy to mention that the game has a massive open world and a compelling story as well.  

Monster Hunter: World

‍Monster Hunter: World

The 5th release in the franchise, Monster Hunter World has impressed critics and fans alike. It boasts a huge open world, rich in detail & lore that is guaranteed to get players hooked for hours. Your character starts with nearly nothing on an island filled with mysterious and amazing monsters and is forced to accept quests and fight monsters to improve your equipment. The only noticeable drawback to the game is that it may be a bit too complex for newcomers to the series.

EA Sports UFC 3

‍EA Sports UFC 3

While previous games in the series were far from bad, UFC 3 vastly improves the MMA fighting experience. With a large roster of playable characters and very high-quality models of the fighters, fans of fighting games will be sure to love this entry in the series. The career mode has also been vastly improved. The only downside is the fact that the game is rife with micro-transactions in a fashion that only EA can get away with.

Meteorfall: Journey

‍Meteorfall: Journey

The only mobile game on this list, Meteorfall: Journey is an amazing way to pass the time during the morning commute. Meteorfall: Journeys combines the best of both rogue-like RPGs and deck-building card games. The fast-paced gameplay and randomized action are guaranteed to keep you awake far beyond your bed-time.