Top 5 Female Video Game Characters


Unfortunately, there are very few female protagonists in the world of video games. This fact however, did make the creation of this list a lot easier. The fact that there are fewer female protagonists did make them stand out further. Every character on this list is iconic and it is hard to rate them, but nonetheless we have tried. Below are the top 5 playable female characters in video games.


1 – Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

The many different versions of Lara Croft

Probably the most iconic female video game character of all time, Lara Croft took the world by storm when Tomb Raider was released in 1996. The game was one of the best sellers for the original PlayStation and spawned multiple sequels, a series of comics, and 3 movies.


2 – Samus Aran – Metroid

Samus with and without her iconic suit

One of Nintendo’s biggest characters, Samus debuted in 1986’s mega-hit for the NES, Metroid. The game along with the similar release, Castlevania gave birth to the Metroidvania genre. Samus was featured in 14 Metroid games total and in the Super Smash Bros series.


3 – Chun Li – Street Fighter

Chun Li in SFV

The first female character in a fighting game ever, Chun li & Street Fighter II changed the world of gaming. As part of the original Street Fighter II, she is one of the game’s most iconic characters. Chun Li has been featured in a slew of sequels, spin-offs, crossover games (SNK vs Street Fighter), comicsa T.V. show & 2 movies.


4 – Tracer – Overwatch

The newest character on the list, Tracer was the stand out character in 2016’s Overwatch. As per now Tracer has yet to be featured in a sequel just yet, but it is likely that Blizzard will capitalize on the character’s popularity. Tracer is a popular choice for cosplayers and is probably here to stay.


5 – Ms. Pacman – Ms. Pacman

The oldest character and probably the first female protagonist on the list, Ms. Pacman debuted in 1982. There is very little difference between Ms. Pacman and Pacman besides the pink bow and a few minor improvements. Despite not being human Ms. Pacman deserves a place of honor on this list.


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