Top 5 Games to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

 5. Dead Rising 4

While arguably the weakest game in the franchise, Dead Rising 4  takes place in a Christmas themed version of the Willamette Mall, the setting from the first game. Like other games in the series, Dead Rising 4 juxtaposes a serious story with comical weapons and costumes. It’s packed with Christmas themed weapons like an electric wreath and a crossbow that fires candy canes.

Dead Rising 4

4. Saints Row IV: How The Saints Save Christmas

This DLC mission pack features the cast of Saints Row in a retelling of the classic film, A Christmas Story. In terms of gameplay, it’s more of what you’ve come expect from the Saints Row franchise. The references to Christmas TV specials and movies with the irreverent antics of the Saints Row crew are the real reason you’re here.

‍Saints Row IV: How The Saints Saved Christmas

3. Animal Crossing New Leaf

In the charming world of Animal Crossing New Leaf the player can dress up as Santa and hand out presents. If you play during the Month of December, villagers will hint at the gifts they want.  The Santa outfit is sold by the Able sisters in December.

‍Animal Crossing New Leaf

2. DOOM – Christmas themed WAD

DOOM is one of the greatest games of all time and you never really need an excuse to go back to it, but if you are going to kill some demons why not get into the holiday spirit by killing demons that are wearing festive Santa hats? There is no shortage of Christmas themed DOOM WADs (Where’s All the Data) available on the internet.


1. Hitman

There has never been a better time to try the intricately-clockwork murder simulator. For the Holiday season players can access Paris, the game’s first mission, as well as the holiday pack, featuring the Holiday Hoarders mission. In this mission players are tasked with murdering two burglars bearing suspicious resemblance to the burglars from the film Home Alone. The holiday content is also packed with additional holiday-themed challenges and an unlockable Santa outfit for completing all of these challenges.


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