The Problems with Multiplayer Games in The Modern Era

As per 2017, the world of gaming has changed. There are less & less 2 player multiplayer games being offered on consoles and in order to play with friends and family, usually, two consoles or computers and an internet connection are required. 

The days of sitting around a tv with friends playing games on cartridges is a thing of the past.

The transformation of multiplayer games in recent years is not all bad though. Nearly 54% of the most frequent gamers play with others online. The average gamer age has risen to 35 and frequent gamers tend to spend around 6.5 hours online per week.

The changes in multiplayer gaming have benefited the gaming industry as well. Most consoles charge a premium fee for online gaming. Playing multiplayer on 2 or more consoles or computers allows higher frame rates, better graphics performance, and a smoother experience.

The issue


There have been big problems with online gaming, however. Client security has been compromised many times via hacks. The hacks have left many players with weeks to months without online or multiplayer capabilities. These issues have also caused many to question whether it was secure to have private credit card information on a platform such as Xbox Live and the Playstation Network.

The infamous 2011 Playstation Network outage lasted for 23 days and ended with client’s details being compromised.  Xbox and the Nintendo network were not too different with multiple outages and security issues which deeply upset users.

Seeing that security has become an issue with online gaming accounts that could potentially harm a client, a solution is very much required. Unfortunately, most big gaming networks refuse to accept cryptocurrencies as a secure payment option.

This is one of the many reasons Game Protocol will disrupt and improve the world of gaming. By using Blockchain technologies, Game Protocol will have a much higher security standard than many gaming networks.

Another improvement is the use of cryptocurrencies as a payment method. By accepting only cryptocurrencies, there will be no incentive for hackers to attempt to hack Game Protocol as there will be no client credit/debit card information available. This is a significant improvement for client security.



in order to enjoy a higher level of security while gaming a better network is needed. Game Protocol offers solutions to security issues currently plaguing the online networks and a better platform to play on.