The 10 Most Iconic Video Game Characters

We took the time to break down 10 video game icons from over the years. Please keep in mind this is not in any particular order.


Duh! This is easy. The Italian plumber’s been killing it since his initial release in the early 1980s. He’s had an incredibly successful game series, that’s still pumping out hit game after hit game to this day.


Waka Waka. You’ve heard that sound before. If you haven’t, I’m sorry for you. Google Pac-Man and play it, then come back to this article. Pac-Man is the arcade game icon. Everything came from  Pac-Man, so yeah,  Pac-Man deserves a spot on this list.


Yeah, that yellow mouse is definitely iconic. Somehow, Pikachu managed to take down the most threatening Pokémon when it was paired with Ash. Either way, Pokémon is the highest grossing media franchise in the world with revenues of 65 billion USD.


I was looking at a hedgehog in my neighborhood the other day and it was not that fast. They must have given Sonic steroids or something because he’s one speedy son of a gun. Sonic single-handedly restored Sega’s falling franchise.

Crash Bandicoot

This bouncy fox with human-like form is the PlayStation's answer to Mario and one of the first 3D platformers to be really successful. Oh, and it’s really hard.


Aka Zelda aka you had no idea she was a girl at first and you were blown away when you found out. Who didn’t love this game? Smashing pots, finding items, swinging your sword in 360-degree motion, etc. Zelda is a very successful franchise and continues to put out gold.


This hulk-like ninja is the mascot of the widely adopted street fighter. Everyone’s grabbed a joystick that controls Ryu in their local arcade. I went in depth on the franchise's success in a recent article I wrote on eSports.

Mega Man

Originally debuted in 1987 on the NES, Mega Man has sold over 30 million copies worldwide today. This action, hack’n slash, fighting, platformer, role-playing, run ‘n gun third person shooter is awesome.


Doom is the second first-person shooter ever released after Wolfenstein, but let’s be real, Doomguy is way cooler. He’s a space marine fighting demons on Mars. ‘Nuff said.

Cloud Strife

Final fantasy seven is one of the biggest RPGs ever released. It’s been very well and has become a cult classic. Cloud is FF7s protagonist and who can forget that iconic extra thick sword.

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