Recent Updates #3

Dear Fans,


We will take our business to the far east in July by attending the biggest crypto & blockchain conferences in the world.


To start with we will be attending the Korea Blockchain Week in Seoul on the 16th – 18th.

Feel free to contact & meet us and discuss the issues of the blockchain technology, discover our amazing product and discuss international crypto topics.

Later, on the 19-20th of July, we will be attending the World Blockchain Summit in Singapore. We are excited to participate in this conference as well and being part of the future of cryptocurrency. Great entrepreneurs will be there too and it will be really interesting to exchange about the latest blockchains innovations and how our project, Game Protocol can integrate these exchanges.

 We are looking forward to this great journey and see all of you in one city or another.

 Are you attending one of these events as well? Send us an email here to set a meeting up with us!

 Stay tuned with our Token Sale opening, by following us on Telegram here.

 Looking forward to meeting you again soon,


Thank you,


Best Regards,

The Game Protocol team