How Game Protocol Stands Above the Pack

In 2018 we have seen a rise in game related Token Sales. Most other gaming related crypto-ventures are related to either solely gambling related or eSports related. Few other gaming crypto ventures offer anything truly innovative or useful.

How we Differ

Game Protocol plans on breaking the mold. What we are creating has not yet been seen in the world of cryptocurrencies. What Game Protocol plans on creating is an entire gaming ecosystem.

The gaming ecosystem is built on GameStarter, a reward-based crowdfunding platform which allows developers to sell in-game currency prior to the game’s release to fund its development. This will allow developers to focus on developing their game without the need to worry about fundraising aspects of game development.

Games that have been successfully funded will be available to download via Game Protocol’s game store. The game store will include many free-to-play games and full length premium games for sale in exchange for Game Protocol Tokens.

A mock-up of GameStarter

Game Protocol will bring the power back to the hands of developers and fans by making game fundraising easy and taking much smaller commissions on video game sales. In return, we expect amazing games to be released on our platform in the future.


By having the world’s first crypto-based fundraiser for games and a game store that accepts cryptocurrencies, Game Protocol will stand above others. We will create a seamless union of blockchain technology and video games that will become the standard cryptocurrency of gaming.

The dates of our token sale will be revealed in the near future.