Behind the Scenes in Game Protocol III

Having an amazing CTO is key to to the success of many blockchain related projects. Among his many responsibilities is designing the architecture of the project and making sure all programming staff is progressing and co-operating as they should.

Q. So Moshe, what is your background?

A. I always wanted to build games, so I got a degree in software engineering degree which helped me a lot in the game development industry.

While I was studying I developed my first game which was a car game in OpenGL with a multiplayer option for a course I was taking. It taught me a lot.

Later, I understood that I needed a more powerful game engine. So I searched and found the XNA library, which was Microsoft library for developing games.

I have created a turn-based game similar to an old favorite game I used to play when I was younger (HOMM 3) and it was my ticket for my first job as a game developer.

At my first game developing job, I was introduced to Unity3D Engine and never looked back since.

I worked on many small children mobile games and got stronger using the unity game engine, and later I have developed an Xbox Kinnect camera game which used body motions as input for the game itself which was very fun.

After that project I helped co-found Gamytech in which we have developed 8 titles and the renown Backgammon4money.

Q. Can you explain your role in Game Protocol?

A.  My role is to Design the architecture and help develop the Game Protocol platform on all its aspects.

Q. Why do you think Game Protocol will be a success?

A. From my personal experience in the game developing world, I have many friends who created game studios which have difficulties in raising capital to fund their game studio, so most of them struggle and bootstrapping their studio and hoping their game will be a success, though in reality without capital, games have a very low success rate.

Game Protocol will help them fund their game easier than ever before and I think that all indie developers should use our platform.

Q. What trends do you think will be big in the gaming industry in the future?

A. Seeing the success of Fortnite and other free-to-play games, I believe that we will see many more free-to-play games expanding to consoles and PCs. Free-to-play games are not going to be mobile only in the future. Developers still have a great opportunity of monetizing these games with the use of premium customizable items and skins.

Q.  What other industries do you think Blockchain can improve?

A. I believe the real-estate industry could easily integrate blockchain technology. Having land deeds that are anchored in the blockchain and cannot be hacked or exploited has a lot of promise, especially in developing counties.