Behind the Scenes in Game Protocol II

Having an amazing blockchain expert is key to having a great blockchain project. They create the foundation of the project and are instrumental to its success. We had a brief Q&A session with Game Protocol’s resident blockchain expert, Vlad Piliavksy and discussed blockchain, video games & everything in-between.


Vlad Piliavsky - Blockchain Developer

Q. So Vlad, what is your background in Blockchain & programming?

A. I graduated with a software engineering degree from Afeka college in Israel back in 2015. Over the past few years I developed an interest in blockchain technology and started learning Solidity. It became clear to me that blockchain technology is going to become a huge industry disrupter and I wanted to be in the center of that.

Before I was interested in blockchain, I was developing games and was also deeply interested in AI.

Q. How do you envision the Game Protocol platform?

A. It will be hard to develop [haha] but it will be a pretty good way for developers to raise funds for their games. It could possibly be the best way to develop games in the future, as cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more mainstream.

In a year from now when it should be completed, I’d like Game Protocol to be a user-friendly platform for both developers and especially users to enjoy.

Q. How does Game Protocol differ from other Crypto-Gaming ventures?

A. We are trying to introduce something that has yet to be seen in the world of crypto-gaming. No other project does fundraising for games and an entire gaming ecosystem based on cryptocurrencies. We will also supply a range of SDKs that will speed up game production. Many other projects focus on tokenized items or eSports. We just want to give developers the freedom to create what they want to create.

Q. How do you think that video games will develop over the next 5 years?

A. There will be a much wider variety of games to play and enjoy as development will become easier. I think the amount of great indie & small-medium developers will increase and become a force in the world of gaming.

I think VR is a bit of a niche and will not take over gaming as the technology is too expensive & cumbersome for mass adoption. I think PC & mobile gaming will remain the default for the next few years.

Q. How do you envision the blockchain space in the future?

A. I think the blockchain space will be more regulated, but some spaces will still remain the “wild west” where innovation will prosper. Adoption of cryptocurrencies will grow and I think 5 years from now, nearly everyone will have a cryptocurrency wallet that they use daily.