Behind the Scenes in Game Protocol I

A Brief Q&A with Head Art Director and Designer Idan David

Idan David - Head Art Director & Designer

Software design and UI/UX can be something that elevates a brand or product above its competition. Apple’s OS X is a good example for the importance of superior design and putting an emphasis on user experience. This probably played a crucial role in Apple’s growth throughout the years. Seeing the importance of software design, we’ve decided to have a brief Q&A with the Head Art Director & Designer of Game Protocol and follow the progress of the program.

Q. So Idan, What Is Your Background in Art & Game Design?

 A. From childhood I was very attracted to animation and games, most of my childhood I used to play Counter Strike and strategy games,

At the age of 14 I had to make a presentation to a school in a PowerPoint, instead of a presentation I just sat all night and created an animation of a stick man, that was the start of my love to the profession.

After the army, I began to study animation and design. After I graduated I was asked to become a practitioner and after a year I became a lecturer. At that time, I worked as a freelancer. Up to now I’ve been involved in the development of over 10 games, 17 different programs and countless websites, including Game Protocol.

Q. How Do You Envision the Game Protocol Platform?

 A. I think the most important thing on this platform is simplicity, because the subject is new and complicated and once you talking about blockchain, people start getting confused.

The platform should be easy to use, even for someone who does not understand this technology. I think the platform should be simple enough for a child to use, so that everyone can enjoy its games.

Q. How Does Game Protocol Differ from Other Crypto-Gaming Ventures?

 A. Currently there are a lot of projects in eSports but we have chosen to focus on a gaming platform.

Our team at Game Protocol have been working together for years and I think that's the secret in a successful project, A strong team who likes to work together.

I believe there is much to develop and there is room for all genres, as we have seen with Cryptokitties.

On a side note, I am very involved in the gaming industry at crypto and I also invest for the long term (HODLl!!). In various projects, I think it's important that when you work on a product you should also be a customer for truly understanding what the project needs

Q. How do you think that video games will develop over the next 5 years?

 A. I think there will be a huge change in the industry. We'll see a lot of VR AR games and their combination MR-mixed reality.

And we'll see completely new genres working with crypto.

Many players will move to play on the new platform that they do not need to put personal information, developers will prefer to develop to crypto because of low fees.

When the games will be on all platforms and players will have a choice, what platform to play their game, I am sure they will choose the platform that will cost them the least.