Special Guns Project

Special Guns 



200,000 GXT
0.00 GXT
Launch Date : August 2019
August 2019


Take the battle to the enemy! SpecialGuns is a next generation online multiplayer tactical first person shooter. Choose your faction, military or guerrilla special units and fight in over 32 well designed maps. Strategic thinking is required in this all out war. With over 48 players allowed per map, prepare for complete carnage! Fight enemy combatants in over 32 maps with over 48 players!
Soon we will finish the translation of the game into Russian, French & Chinese.
The game will be available on Game Protocol after being successfully funded.
We have started a campaign on GameStarter to raise sufficient funds to:
1. To fully complete the game and design more playable maps
2. Implement new functionality, including the system of trade relations.
3. Release the game for mobile platforms
4. Market SpecialGuns online and increase the amount of active players
5. Create and grow the SpecialGuns community


The year is 2030, Europe is rife with civil wars and social uprising. The balkanization of large european countries lit a powder keg of tension across the continent. Take part in the war that will change the face of Europe forever. Choose between the remains of Europe’s armies or join the guerillas and paramilitaries and strive for power & the domination of the continent.


Upon the successful completion of the campaign on GameStarter, we guarantee the give-out of the exclusive war chests. In fact, the war chests are the same thing as tokens. The advantage is that you can sell closed war chests at the market price, or open part of the chests to get a chance to find expensive unique weapons & body armor and sell them on the platform SpecialGuns market. The more war chests you have, the more money you can gain.


A special role in the game is played by the weapons inventory   - Guns and body armor that players can select. There will be a vast variety of weapons and armor in the game – some with additional effects, others – without them. Some items will be unique, presented in a single original for the whole game. Possessing such items will give players the winning advantage!


An important addition to the game will be the introduction of vehicles on certain open maps of SpecialGuns. There will be a selection of over 5 land vehicles. Amongst the pilotable vehicles are: the Soviet T-72 battle tank, the Land Rover Wolf “jeep”, GTK Boxer APC, Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopter and a scrap yard ATV